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The FIRST & ONLY Bid Will Win! PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: 4.52 Acres in Jacksonville Florida Located between the city center and Jax beach, right off of Beach Blvd.

Accessible from a main road- Very unique property with lots of potential for rec usage! Back taxes due to the county: $628.80
Bidder agrees to complete sale price of $5995

Once payment in full is complete, seller agrees to transfer to the buyer any and all rights, claims, or holdings on parcel account # in the city of Jacksonville, County of Duval, State of Florida. Purchase Price and Conditions of Payment

The purchase price shall be Fifty Nine Hundred & Ninety Five Dollars ($5995.00 USD) Transfer/document/closing costs will be covered by the seller. Seller Will Finance with NO interest & NO credit check
Seller agrees to the following financing options for the buyer: 20 mo. term: 20 equal monthly payments of $275 a month. 10 mo. term: 10 equal monthly payments of $550 a month.
5 mo. term: 5 equal monthly payments of $1100 a month.

Payment accepted through check/bank draft only. 

​Property is unimproved and is in AS-IS condition at the time of sale. 

This is an auction for SERIOUS BIDDERS only. Please contact us for the complete details of this sale and please do any & all due diligence BEFORE you bid. We recognize that a single bid will take this off the market, which might incentivize buyers to bid first, ask questions later. PLEASE AVOID DOING THIS. Please only bid if you are 100% ready to buy this and agree to our terms. If you bid, then attempt to do your due diligence afterwards, we will relist and you will be banned from any future sales. Thanks for your interest in this auction, & good luck to you!


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